1. I currently have a flat roof on my home.  What is the best roof for me to pick?

Each situation is unique and there is no one solution fits all approach.  This is the reason we like to come to your location to help you make the best choice for the situation you have.  It is not only important to use quality materials but it is also critical to have a quality installation.  So by looking at your roof it will give us an indication of which system would be best.

2. Should I do a complete re-roof or shingle over my existing roof?

While in many places you are allowed to put your new roof on over the existing roof we do not recommend doing it.  The main reason for this is it will dramatically shorten the life of your new roof.  While it will clearly save you some by not having us remove the old roof, you will end up spending more by having to re-roof again sooner.

Here are several other areas of concern:

  • We are unable to properly inspect your roof decking.  By not completely stripping your existing roof there could be hidden damage that we are not aware of.
  • By having a layer of shingle below your new roof you risk damaging them in the summer due to the added heat.  This could cause your new roofing shingles to curl and have to be replaced.
  • You will in most cases void any manufacture warranty on the new roofing materials by having a second layer below them.
  • In the future you will have additional removal costs involved.  This is the case because the roofing contractor will now have to strip off two layers of roofing.

So any cost savings that you may receive by not stripping the first layer are taken away greatly when you look at the cons.  If you are considering re-roofing your home or business be sure to give us a call.  We will provide you with a free written estimate along with our recommendations.

3. How much more will a metal roof cost me?

We are constantly asked this question as metal roofs have become very popular over the last several years.  There is good reason for this and it is also our recommended choice of roofing in many situations.  Obviously your budget is a deciding factor on which type of roof to get.

In most cases you can expect to spend roughly 2 times more than installing a mid line shingle roof.  If you are planning to keep the home for a long period of time we highly recommend considering a metal roof for you home.

4. Should I be concerned about leaves stacking up on my roof?

Yes, you do not want to have leaves stacking up on your roof for a prolonged period of time.  Leaves will hold a great deal of moisture and this over time will degrade the life of your shingles.

It is smart to routinely service your roof by removing all leaves that are stacking up.