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Roofers Pembroke Pines installing a new tile roof for a homeownerGalaxy Roofers has been a trusted name in the roofing industry for years. It is important to find an honest company with well-trained roofing professionals to do the job. We believe that it is important to provide our customers with a free quote to help them make the best decision. Roofing projects should be a walk in the park when dealing with a good roofing contractor.

Providing our customers with a fair price and a quality product is important to us. We listen to our customer’s inquiries and concerns closely, so we give them the most fitting solution to their roofing dilemma. Through the years Galaxy Roofers has proven itself worthy of all the trust given by its clientele. We have been able to offer excellent services at affordable rates. Galaxy Roofers is an established roofing company in the Pembroke Pines area known to complete the job right on schedule at a very reasonable price. We walk with our customers thoroughly, so we apply only the right solution to your roofing problem.

A Reputation That Matters

Each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with the service you expect. We see to it that we maintain a high level of excellence by providing our customers with the best roofing solutions possible for their residential and commercial properties at reasonable prices. Schedule your free consultation and estimation today! Our lines are always open for comments, suggestions, and most especially your roofing inquiries.

You can put your mind at ease when you entrust your roofing concerns to us because we will lay out everything on the table for you and we can guarantee only honest roofing business from us at Galaxy Roofers Our history of completed roofing projects can speak for us about our exceptional roofing services. Our reputation is important to us and we approach all projects with integrity and honesty. Our friendly staff is willing and ready to assist you with any roofing questions that you may have in mind. We at Galaxy Roofers have high regard for the name that we have built throughout our years in the roofing industry. Galaxy Roofers is one of the leading roofers in Pembroke Pines with locals trusting it more than any other roofing contractor.

Highly-skilled Roof Experts and Premium Materials for all Roofing Projects

Galaxy Roofers roofing professionals maintain a high level of responsibility in every project that they handle. Galaxy Roofers provides longer warranty coverage compared to other roofing contractors in Pembroke Pines. Galaxy Roofers ensures that we use only the best by partnering with prime manufacturers who produce only the most durable materials in the roofing industry. There are various advantages and disadvantages of using certain materials on roofs based on the environment and roofing system among others.

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We make sure to use only premium materials and our highly skilled roof experts working on your roofing project. We don’t take shortcuts in providing solutions to your roofing requirements. We understand that your home or business is more likely to be a very valuable possession and we aim to treat it with responsibility. First-rate roofs are a good investment since using substandard materials will only make you spend more in the end.

The roof is exposed to a lot of harsh conditions such as direct sunlight and heavy rain which is why it needs to be made from premium materials for it to be durable over a longer period of time. There are certain criteria that we look for in order to qualify companies we work with. We believe that durable materials means less chances of repeat jobs on the same roofing project, avoiding excessive spending and waste of time and manpower. All product manufacturers that we work with are hand selected by us.

Industry Leading Warranty

Whether your roofing needs require installation, repair, removal, gutter installation or inspection, we got you covered. This ensures you, our valued consumers that we stand by the durability of our roof installation. When we finish our projects, we want you completely satisfied with the end result. We understand that our customers not only want roofs that are durable but beautiful as well. Whether you are a main contractor, architect or property owner, we’re sure you only want the best for your roofing requirements. At Galaxy Roofers, we also value our customers’ time and our goal is to complete roofing projects in a timely and quick manner without making the quality of the output suffer. Longer warranties are solid proof that we will be here for our customers for the long term.

Maintaining Good Client Relations

Galaxy Roofers is composed of roofing experts and customer service specialists who work closely with each and every customer from the beginning of the roofing project until after the work has been done. Galaxy Roofers uses top of the line equipment and materials at the same time so you can rest assured that your roofing project is in good hands. No need to be wary if you are still undecided on what roofing option you are interested in. We work closely with our clients from the first time of contact up until the roofing project has been completed. Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you with your roofing concerns so call us today and make an appointment for an on-site inspection of our highly-skilled technicians.


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