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Roofers Weston working on a new tile roofGalaxy Roofers is a roofing company with many years of experience in the roofing industry. A locally trusted and established roofing company, Galaxy Roofers has built its reputation for offering polished and timely roofing services at, particularly reasonable prices. There’s a good number of roofing contractors in Weston, but Galaxy Roofers has proven to come next to no other.

We set the standards in customer service from the project’s start to finish. Our team at Galaxy Roofers explains all useful details of the roofing process to our clients, so no one is left in the dark. In providing top rated roofing solutions at reasonable prices, Galaxy Roofers has earned the spot for the top roofing company in Weston. Through the years Galaxy Roofers has proven itself worthy of all the trust given by its clientele.

We have been the go to roofers throughout the Weston area that residents have trusted for many years. Our customer service is second to none. Here at Galaxy Roofers, we understand the importance of having a sturdy and polished roof in every house and all other establishments, which is why we don’t take our responsibility lightly. We specialize in all areas of roofing to include residential and commercial. We can guarantee that you get our honest business and polished roofing output.

Galaxy Roofers on Putting the Customers First!

We understand this is a big decision for you because your home is most likely your most valuable asset so we use only the best materials and highly trained specialists work on your roof. Other companies may promise to deliver roofing solutions to you that are comparatively low priced but do not trust them so easily as these Weston roofing contractors may have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Galaxy Roofers is one of the leading roofers in Weston with locals trusting it more than any other roofing contractor. We at Galaxy Roofers have high regard for the name that we have built throughout our years in the roofing industry. Once we have finished working on your roof, we leave knowing it will serve you well over the years. If you have inquiries or clarifications about our roofing services, you may call us now for a free consultation. We have our efficient staff waiting for you to contact us today!

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If you give us a call now, we can book your free consultation and provide you with a free quote right away! Our aim is to have you happy with the result of your roof. Our team of experts here at [Galaxy Roofers will take the time to sit down with you and explain in detail the things that you need to know about the roofing solution that is best for you. Galaxy Roofers assures high-quality roofing at reasonable costs and delivers promptly.

Highly-skilled Roof Experts and Premium Materials for all Roofing Projects

First-rate roofs are a good investment since using substandard materials will only make you spend more in the end. We have confidence in our roofing solutions, whether it may be repair or installation, and we can guarantee that we have your back years and years after the job has been completed. We believe that durable materials mean fewer chances of repeat jobs on the same roofing project, avoiding excessive spending and waste of time and manpower.

Here at Galaxy Roofers, we value our customer’s time, money and trust which is why give only our best foot forward such as using superior roofing materials at affordable rates. Galaxy Roofers partners only with premium manufacturers who offer the best materials, support and product warranty. There are well over 200 membrane types available for your roof today; this can be very intimidating to property owners looking to make a decision. Here at Galaxy Roofers, we believe that our skilled workers’ output also depends on the quality of the materials that they use which is why we do not use substandard roofing materials nor take any shortcuts when it comes to installing and repairing roofs.

Working with superior roofing materials, our team of roofing experts is sure to deliver first-class roofing solutions. Here at Galaxy Roofers, we only partner with established roofing manufacturers who have the same goal as ours, and that is to provide nothing less than the superior roofing materials and services in Weston. There are various advantages and disadvantages of using certain materials on roofs based on the environment and roofing system among others. There are of course pros and cons to the different types of materials used on roofs.

Exceptional Warranty in the Roofing Industry

To avoid the hassles of going from one roofing company to another, Galaxy Roofers has a wide array of roofing services that you may require all under one roof! Clearly, you want to have a good-looking roof on your home because it increases the value and curb appeal. It is important to work with a certified roofing company to ensure these warranties are provided. Our friendly staff is always reading to listen to your roofing concerns and provide solutions. We are so confident with our roofing expertise and materials that we are willing to assure your roof will not be destroyed while under warranty. Whether your roofing needs require installation, repair, removal, gutter installation or inspection, we got you covered. Here at Galaxy Roofers, we take pride in using only the leading roofing materials in all of our projects and with this comes industry leading warranties as well.

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We at Galaxy Roofers believe in the value of our customers, and we see to it that we deliver our best no matter how small or big the roofing project is. We provide only sound solutions and make ample recommendations so you can decide better. We are a company of professionals that will get the job done right the first time. We guarantee hassle-free transactions and a sound solution at the end of the day. Galaxy Roofers is composed of roofing experts and customer service specialists who work closely with each and every customer from the beginning of the roofing project until after the work has been done. Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you with your roofing concerns so call us today and make an appointment for an on-site inspection of our highly-skilled technicians.


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