Hiring a roofer generally comes during a stressful time because you have a roof that is failing you.  Many questions are going through you head and ultimately you know it is going to be a large investment you will be making.  When it comes to your roof you are going to have to hire a professional to resolve the problem for you.  Trying to repair your roof on your own would be a major mistake and in most cases, it will get you into hot water with the local building inspectors.

Finding a roofer that is dependable, honest and provides you with a fair price can be a difficult process.  However, with the proper amount of research and education you can find the perfect company to work with.  Just remember even though you are in a stressful position, you do not want to rush this decision.  Obviously, you can’t take forever to make a choice when you have a leaking roof.  The good news is by following these tips you will have a good start at making the right choice.


You can always start with your network of friends, family and co-workers to get an idea contractors that they recommend.  This will give you a good base to start with to conduct your research.  If people in your network have had their roof replaced and they are pleased with the results, they will gladly share that information with you.  They will also voice their displeasure with any bad experiences they have had.  Hearing about their bad experiences can be extremely valuable as well.

Ask Roofers For Testimonials:

Another great tip is to ask roofers for referrals on roofs that they have completed in the past.  Any reputable company will be able to give you a large list of projects from satisfied customers they have.  If they are not able to give you any testimonials it would be best for you to move on to another company.  Many of the companies will also have pictures from jobs they have completed in the past.  It would be good to review these to see the quality of the work they have done.

Free Written Quotes:

It is important to get written quotes from 3 to 5 companies.  This will give you an idea of the price you should expect to pay.  You will also want to get a free written quote.  Here at Galaxy Roofers we believe in providing our potential clients with a free written quote.  We know you are already going to be faced with a large investment by repairing or replacing your roof.  We do not want to add an additional burden on you by charging you for a quote.

Licensed and Insured:

Make sure you verify that the company you end up working with is licensed and insured.  By working with a licensed company, you know they have the ability to work on your roof and they have the correct training to do so.  However, many people do not verify this and end up having a roof put on their home or business that ends up failing.  Be sure to only work with licensed roofers.
You will also want to verify that they are insured.  By hiring a person or company with no insurance you are taking on great risk.  In the event, they cause damage to your property they will not have the insurance to repair it.  This will end up taking money out of your pocket to make the repairs.  In addition, if one of their employees are hurt while working on your property you may end up being liable for it.  So, make sure to only work with insured companies.

Online Reviews:

Finally, online reviews are a good place to check the reputation of a company.  If a company is doing a bad job I can assure you people will voice their opinion in an online review.  Now clearly there are certain individuals that you will never please and they will leave a negative review.  It does not matter how great of a job the company does.  However, if you see multiple negative reviews you want to pay close attention to this.