Everybody wants to get the best deal possible and that is understandable. However, there is a difference between cheap and affordable. You do not want to go with the cheapest company around because this could end up costing you a great deal of money at the end of the day. Clearly if a company is several thousand dollars cheaper than there competition there is a problem. This means they are taking shortcuts in other areas to save money.

The problem is with these shortcuts comes lower quality products and workmanship being put into your roof. This will end up causing your roof to fail and they will not be around to resolve your problem when it happens. You will then have to hire a different roofing company to resolve the shortcuts they made. Once you see all the things they have to fix you will end up spending more in the end. You would have been better off hiring the company that provided you with an affordable rate vs a cheap one.

Another area of concern for us is when an individual or “company” is cheaper by several thousand dollars I would question if they are licensed and insured. As we have discussed in other posts, hiring a company that is not licensed or insured is a dangerous game to play. Please do yourself a favor and take bids that are thousands of dollars less and throw them in the trash. There is a reason your other quotes are more and within line of each other. These are the companies not taking the shortcuts.

Remember you are making an investment in your home or business. This is most likely your most valuable asset so you want to take care of it. By hiring the right company to put on a quality roof you are adding value to your building or home. Be sure to take this into consideration when making your choice as well. You do not want to put an inferior quality product on something that is so important to you.

In closing, remember to follow the process of hiring the correct roofing company to take care of your needs. Avoid the companies that want to take shortcuts and put your home or business at risk. Here at Galaxy Roofers we demand that all our contractors treat our clients home or business as if it were their own. Accept no less from any contractor that you hire.